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About Emily Jones

Jones is a contemporary representational artist, with a passion for portraiture, figurative and urbanscape painting. Her work has been enjoyed by art collectors in New York and throughout Australia.

She works from her studio in Hobart, Tasmania, where she dedicates her time to commission and exhibition work, and teaching art to young students.

Contact: Please click here to message her directly. 

Jones’ Inspiration: 

“Themes I regularly explore include 'light and life'; 'isolation and connection'; 'joy and melancholy'; and 'identity and place' in my artwork. I focus mainly on portrait and figurative commission work but I also have a passion for urban landscapes. I draw inspiration from a variety of masters including Rembrandt, Velasquez, Manet and Hopper. Perhaps you can see their influence in my work. 

Having painted in the classical tonal method for several years, this style has equipped me with the technical skills necessary to fully realise my artistic vision.

I have completed intensive portrait training in drawing, painting and art history at the Florence Academy of Art, Italy, and with Angel Academy master, Martinho Correia. I have also lived in London and dedicated my time solely to my painting practice, experiencing artworks of old, and training alongside contemporary figurative artists at the Dulwich Art Group

I received my initial training under Archibald Prize finalist, Steve Bowden. This training focused on traditional tonal painting techniques and methods handed down from the famous Australian Tonal Impressionists like Max Meldrum.”

Contact: Please click here to message her directly.